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Lottery stocking stuffers are not for kids


The holiday season is fast approaching and as you’re thinking about the perfect gift for someone, BCLC would like to send an important reminder that lottery tickets, including scratch and wins, are only for  players 19 years of age or older.

“Our Scratch & Win games are very popular gifts and stocking stuffers, but we remind everyone that lottery tickets are not appropriate gifts for children or youth,” said Paul W. Smith, BCLC Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. “All of our lottery products are forms of gambling, and this can send the wrong message for younger, impressionable minds.”

As the sale of lottery tickets, such as scratch and wins, increase during the holidays, BCLC is partnering with the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviours at McGill University, the National Council on Problem Gambling  and other gaming jurisdictions across North America and Europe to remind players about responsible play and responsible gift-giving. This message is being shared through online advertising, social media and a network of digital signage at lottery retailers, B.C. casinos and community gaming centres.

“Any type of gambling is a form of entertainment intended for adults only. Parents need to talk to their kids about the risks of gambling and do their part to prevent them from participating,” added Smith.

BCLC has supported the McGill University’s Holiday Campaign for the past seven years, which encourages adults to restrict access to gambling products to those aged 19 and over.

Please visit to learn more about the comprehensive programs in place to help players make informed choices about gambling. BCLC also encourages parents and other adults to access the GameSense for Parents section of the website which offers tools and support to start a conversation with kids about gambling.  

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