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BCLC 2016/17 annual reporting available on


BCLC has released four reports detailing its performance in fiscal year 2016/17 in the areas of financial performance, social responsibility, executive compensation and service provider commissions.

BCLC’s results in these areas strike the right balance between creating great entertainment experiences, upholding our social responsibility promise, and meeting our financial targets, to deliver on its commitments to the Province and people of British Columbia. BCLC posted a net income of $1.339 billion in fiscal year 2016/17, exceeding the previous year’s net income by $25.5 million. The full details of BCLC’s financial performance is outlined in the 2016/17 Annual Service Plan Report, which can be viewed online here.

Managing our business in a socially responsible manner is key to achieving BCLC’s vision. In the 2016/17 Social Responsibility Report, we share the results of our social responsibility efforts and how gambling proceeds are being invested into communities. The 2016/17 Social Responsibility Report can be viewed online here.

The Gambling Service Provider Commissions Report outlines BCLC’s current compensation model and amounts earned by service providers in 2016/17. The full report can be viewed online here.

BCLC is required to annually disclose all compensation provided to the CEO and the next four highest paid executives. BCLC’s 2016/17 Statement of Executive Compensation was posted on the Public Sector Employer’s Council Secretariat website on June 27, and can also be viewed on our website here.

Since 1985, BCLC has been helping communities grow. Thanks to players in B.C., more than $20 billion has been invested back into the Province for healthcare, education and community programs. Learn more here

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