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BCLC Statement re Haghdust v. British Columbia Lottery


BCLC has reviewed the decision in this case and appreciates Mr. Justice Savage’s careful consideration in this matter.

Overall, the decision validates BCLC’s ability to withhold jackpots as a deterrent for those who are voluntary self-excluded and that the program is being operated effectively.

The judge identified a procedural matter regarding how the Board’s decision to enact the Jackpot Entitlement Rules was formally recorded.  Given this, any jackpots withheld under this rule between April 2009 and June 2010 will be returned.

BCLC will be working with Plaintiff’s counsel to ensure those jackpots are returned to those who are entitled to them.

Individuals who believe they may be entitled to a return of their jackpot under this ruling should contact the Plaintiff’s counsel directly:

Hordo Bennett Mounteer LLP
604 639 3680

1400 - 128 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1R8

The jackpot disentitlement rule is intended a deterrent for those who have voluntarily self-excluded. External reviews of BCLC’s voluntary self-exclusion program, as well as feedback from program participants themselves, have highlighted the need for disincentives such as these. Two court cases have affirmed that BCLC operates the Voluntary Self-Exclusion program effectively.

In June 2010, the Gaming Control Act was amended enshrining this rule in law. BCLC will continue to enforce this section of the Act and remains committed to continuous improvement of our voluntary self-exclusion program.

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