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Bettors in B.C. have potential to win big for the US Presidential Election


As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton head towards their final showdown at the polls, bettors in B.C. have a chance to win big regardless of which candidate becomes president. More than $533,000 has been wagered through on US politics, with approximately $391,000 on the Presidential election alone. The Presidential election has overtaken the Super Bowl to become the most popular betting event of any kind on

On, more bets have been placed on Trump to become president, while more money has been wagered on Clinton. 48% of players have placed approximately $142,000 on more than 721 wagers on Trump to become president. If he wins, the potential payout to players who wagered on the Republican candidate becoming president totals more than $534,000. Trump’s current odds are 7/4.

Bettors who wagered on Clinton to become president could see huge profits as well if she wins the election. 36% of players have placed approximately $243,000 on more than 546 wagers on Clinton to win the election. The payout to these players potentially totals more than $311,000 if the Democratic candidate wins the election. Clinton’s current odds are 17/50.

In B.C., wagers can be placed online through  BCLC was the first jurisdiction in Canada to offer novelty betting on the US election through in 2014.

Through Sports Action and, BCLC offers safe, secure and socially responsible gambling entertainment to sports bettors while generating revenue to benefit all British Columbians. Remember, play for fun, not to make money. For more information visit

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