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Extra special holiday for two friends


Kamloops resident Judy Cosar was able to deliver some extra Christmas cheer to friend Warren Wong of Vancouver, after discovering their Lotto 6/49 Extra ticket was a winner.

Forty-seven year old Cosar checked the ticket for the December 19 draw on December 23, but waited until Christmas Eve to tell her friend. “An early Christmas surprise!” she exclaimed.

“When Judy said we won half a million dollars, I didn’t believe it at all,” Wong said excitedly.

Cosar didn’t believe it either. She first checked their ticket at the North Shore Shoppers Drug Mart about 10 times, then went to another location and checked it again a few more times. “At first I thought it was $500.00,” said Cosar, “but then I noticed that the last number – the ‘3’ – had too many zeros in between it and the ‘5’.”

The friends will share the $500,003.00 jackpot, each receiving an equal share. They have been purchasing lottery tickets together for two and a half years and have a tradition of buying the same tickets and playing the same numbers. With the winnings Wong plans to help his mom, while Cosar says she’ll pay off her mortgage and “buy a shiny new stove.”

Cosar and Wong’s winning ticket was purchased at the Shoppers Drug Mart in North Kamloops.

Extra is the B.C.-only lottery game with a top prize of $500,000. Extra is available for purchase with Lotto 6/49, LOTTO MAX, and BC/49 at any lottery retailer or at

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