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Thiem Huynh won $675,000 playing Set for Life

House hunt is on for Set for Life jackpot winner


A Free Play win on a recent Set for Life Scratch & Win ticket proved to be more than a single stroke of luck for Burnaby resident Thiem Huynh.

“I always buy a Set for Life ticket when I fill up with gas,” Huynh smiled. “But I don’t always scratch them right away. I saved this one for a while before I remembered it was in my car and got it out to see if I was a winner.”

Huynh had bought the ticket two weeks prior at the Husky gas station at 33rd and Victoria in Vancouver. The winning ticket was a Free Play from a previous Set for Life ticket he had purchased.

“When I matched all three symbols I was immediately excited and called out to my wife to make sure I wasn’t seeing things,” Huynh laughed, still in awe of his situation. “She could hardly believe her eyes so we called our son to come over and check if what we were seeing was correct, and it was!”

With dreams of buying a new house on his mind, Huynh chose to take the lump sum of $675,000. He says the house hunt with his family will begin immediately!  

The Set for Life Scratch & Win game offers players the chance to win a top prize of $1,000 a week for 25 years or $675,000.

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