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Keno winner is in the market for a new home


Vancouver resident Gareth Ross’ morning routine of purchasing a Keno ticket has paid off to the tune of $200,000 – the new top prize for Keno, after matching ten out of ten numbers on the June 23 draw.

“I was at work when I discovered I won big and I couldn’t believe it,” recalled Ross. “Initially, I thought I won $50 but when I checked my numbers a second time, I discovered that I had matched all ten numbers.”

The 38-year-old electrician moved to Canada three years ago and has been playing Keno regularly ever since.

“I purchased a Keno ticket on my very first day in Canada,” said Ross. “I remember seeing a picture of BCLC’s parking spot for winners, and I told myself I would park there one day.”

As for how he will spend the winnings, Ross says the lion’s share will go toward a down payment on a new home.

“My fiancé saved a considerable amount of money to put toward a down payment and she was waiting on my contribution; now I have more money to contribute than we ever could have imagined,” exclaimed Ross.

Ross also recently bought a ‘bottom of the line’ new car and says he is looking forward to upgrading his vehicle to the ‘very top of the line’ thanks to his big Keno win.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Chevron Town Pantry at 41st and Oak in Vancouver.

Keno is a B.C.-only lottery game drawn every three and a half minutes. Players match up to 10 numbers from 20 numbers drawn from a field of 80 to win.  

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