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Lottery excitement builds with $93 million in Lotto Max prizes


Lotto Max fever is heating up with a $60 million jackpot available on Friday’s draw. Adding to the excitement, players will also have a chance to win 33 Maxmillions prizes of $1 million each on the February 5, 2016 Lotto Max draw. In total, $93 million in prizes will be available to be won!

It’s anticipated that 40 per cent of all Lotto Max sales will take place Friday afternoon with the biggest peaks during the lunch hour and afternoon, when lottery retailers in B.C. are expected to process up to 4,500 transactions per minute.


  • Draws held every Friday night.
  • A $5 ticket features three chances to win.
  • To win the jackpot, players must match 7/7 numbers.
  • Odds of winning a Lotto Max jackpot or Maxmillions prize are one in 28,633,528 per play.
  • Odds of winning any prize are one in 6.6 per play.
  • Maxmillions continue to grow after the jackpot reaches $60M. 
  • Players must match 7/7 numbers to win the corresponding Maxmillions prize.
  • 98 Maxmillions have been won in B.C. since September 2009.

Lotto Max customers in B.C. have until 7:30pm (PT) on Friday evenings to purchase a ticket for that night’s draw. 

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