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Coral Adelman won 1 Million playing Lotto Max

Maxmillion winner still shaken by win


A Facebook rumour about a Lotto Max winner in town prompted Vanderhoof resident Coral Adelman to get online and check the numbers for the May 9 Lotto Max draw. The morning after the draw, she checked, wrote the winning numbers down and put them in her pocket and headed out for the day.

Later that evening Adelman went out to her truck to check her notes against the ticket she’d bought and returned to the house, crying and shaking, causing her husband to fear the worst. He was extremely relieved when she revealed all was well and that she was the latest Lotto Max Maxmillion winner!

“My husband didn’t believe me,” says Adelman, still shaking. “I had to show him the proof online. We abandoned dinner on the stove and went straight back to Extra Foods to have the ticket validated!”

Adelman is still in shock that she’s a winner. She plans to pay off the mortgage on her house and put the rest of the money in the bank until she decides what to spend it on.

Adelman’s winning ticket was purchased at the Extra Foods Gasbar in Vanderhoof.

Lotto Max can be played at all lottery retailers and online at, with tickets available until 6 p.m. (PT) on Friday. Winning numbers and group release forms can be found online at

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