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Nanaimo man finds Scratch & Win gold on grocery trip


Retired Nanaimo resident Normand Savard had just finished grocery shopping at Thrifty Foods on August 18 when he purchased a Cadillac Riches Scratch & Win ticket. The ticket was a $75 winner so he decided to pick up up a Classic Gold Scratch & Win. He couldn’t believe what happened next: he won $500,000!

Savard kept his cool when he won the top prize after scratching the ticket while still in the store. “I scratched it right away and used the ticket checker twice as I didn’t believe it,” Savard recalls. “I then took it to the guy at the customer service counter whose jaw dropped when he checked it. They thought I wasn’t excited enough.”

Savard then called his five children and told them he just won half a million dollars. “They were all more excited than I was,” he said.

Savard has been playing Scratch & Win for 30 years, and likes the game because he knows right away if he’s got a winning ticket. He hasn’t yet decided how he plans to use his half a million windfall.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Thrifty Foods Longwood Station location on Turner Road in Nanaimo.

The Classic Gold Scratch & Win game offers 500,000 prizes of $40 or more and top prizes of $500,000. It is part of the popular Classic series.

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