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Joanna Szpakowski wins $1,000,000 with Lotto Max

Newest MAXMILLION Winner Does a Double Take


When the LOTTO MAX jackpot reached an estimated $50 million plus seven MAXMILLION prizes on September 5th, Coquitlam resident Joanna Szpakowski knew she wanted to get in on the excitement and picked up a ticket. She checked the ticket more than two weeks after the draw—and couldn’t believe she had won a $1 million MAXMILLION prize!

“There was no line up there, so I checked my ticket in the self-checker. I saw that I won one thousand dollars and right away texted my husband to let him know,” recalls Joanna. Her husband texted her back joking, “Are you sure there aren’t more zeros in that amount? Maybe you made a mistake.”

When Joanna gave the ticket to the retailer to validate it, she was told, “Congratulations, you just won a million dollars!” She didn’t believe them at first, but the retailer finally convinced her she had just won a much bigger prize.

She texted her husband back and said she did make a mistake—she had won a million dollars!

The self-professed hockey mom plans to pay off her mortgage and save the rest.

A winning $50 million ticket sold in Langley, B.C. remains unclaimed from the March 14 LOTTO MAX draw. The March 14 LOTTO MAX win ties the largest prize ever won in B.C.

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