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Surrey man’s four-legged friend helps him win Set For Life


A forgotten Scratch & Win ticket led to a Set For Life grand prize for Surrey winner Graham Blacklock.

Blacklock’s dog happened to uncover an old $10 Set For Life winner amongst a pile of papers when he knocked them to the floor. After cashing the winning ticket in for two more Set For Life Scratch & Win’s, Blacklock not only won a ‘Free Ticket’ on one play, but he won the grand prize of $675,000 on the other.

“I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my wife, so I called her from my truck,” he exclaimed.

“Some people at work thought it was one of those prank tickets,” Blacklock recalls. “But the look on my face told them it was the genuine big win.”

The excitement of this Scratch & Win is rivalled only by the birth of his children. Blacklock plans to treat his family to a New Year’s vacation to a sunny beach destination. He also plans to pay off his mortgage.

“We will be having a mortgage burning party to celebrate. Of course, I told my wife that we will have to get a new barbeque for this party,” beams Blacklock.

The winning ticket was purchased at Save On Foods at 70th and Scott Road.

The Set For Life Scratch & Win offers players the chance to win a top prize of $1,000 a week for 25 years or a lump sum of $675,000.

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