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Winning the Extra no April Fool’s joke


For George Stoian, a pipefitter from 108 Mile Ranch, winning big on the Extra lottery game proved to be more than just a pipedream. The decision to say ‘yes’ to the Extra won him $500,000 on the March 11, 2015 draw.

Stoian regularly plays LOTTO 6/49 but admits he doesn’t often say ‘yes’ to the Extra.

“I only started playing two years ago and always hoped to win,” said Stoian. “About six months ago I began to play with regular numbers and I don’t usually say ‘yes’ to the Extra but I’m so very happy I did this time.”

Stoian was in a state of shock when he saw $500,000 flash up on the screen after self-checking his tickets.

“The attendant in the store immediately started to scream; she was more excited than I was initially because I was in such disbelief,” admitted Stoian. “I texted my brother and a couple of friends to share my exciting news but they didn’t believe me.”

Plans for the winnings include paying off his mortgage but Stoian says the lion’s share will go toward his retirement fund.

Stoian laughed about claiming his prize money on April Fool’s Day, with his cheque clearly displaying April 1, 2015 as the date.

“My family still doesn’t believe I’m a winner,” smiled Stoian. “Especially when I sent them a picture, but I know this is no joke.”

Say ‘Yes’ to the Extra for the chance to win up to $500,000. Extra is available with LOTTO 6/49, LOTTO MAX, and BC/49 at any BCLC lottery retailer or at  

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