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How Gambling Works


Skill & Knowledge

Learn how skill and knowledge factor into games of chance

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Finding Help


Finding Help

If you find yourself gambling too much, or if it no longer feels like a game, there’s help if you need it.

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Thanks to our players, billions of dollars have supported communities and help B.C. grow.

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Casino Security and Compliance

One of the ways we help to give players a positive experience is with our commitment to gambling integrity. You can see it the moment you walk in to any of our facilities — from the security staff who welcome you, to the levels of security and supervision at the table games. There's even more going on behind the scenes. Here is what we have in place to do this:

  • Standards and procedures
  • Staff training
  • Surveillance including licence plate and facial recognition technologies
  • Anti-Money Laundering programs
  • Reporting to provincial and federal regulators
  • Preventing minors from entering casinos

Anti-Money Laundering programs

Organizations in industries that manage large volumes of money, such as banks, insurance companies and casinos, need to comply with federal anti-money laundering legislation, including reporting to The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC).

BCLC has an extensive anti-money laundering risk assessment program for all our lines of business.

We also have standards, policies and procedures to prevent B.C. casinos from being targeted for money-laundering activities, including:

  • Monitoring and reporting large cash transactions and suspicious transactions
  • Preventing players from converting cash into cheques
  • Preventing the exchange of small denomination bills for large denomination bills
  • Preventing players from passing chips to each other on the gambling floor
  • Honouring casino chips only at the property they were bought

Together with our service providers we have developed cash-free alternatives for large value transactions, which will help reduce the reliance on cash while enhancing player security and supporting FINTRAC compliance.

They include:

  • More convenient ways to electronically transfer funds to the casino from a Canadian or US financial institution
  • Expanded buy-in options (such as debit card or certified cheque) to provide alternatives to cash buy-ins
  • Revised policies and procedures for issuance of casino cheques for either verified wins or the return of buy-in or pay-out of funds up to $10,000

Reporting large cash transactions

Provincial and federal gambling industry regulations require us to report large cash transactions (those over $10,000) as well as suspicious transactions (as defined by federal regulations) to the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). FINTRAC is the agency responsible for analyzing, assessing and disclosing financial intelligence regarding the reports it receives from us. We also send suspicious transaction reports to the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch and to the RCMP's Integrated Proceeds of Crime Unit.

Together with our service providers, we take steps within the casinos to prevent suspicious activities:

  • Players who make a transaction of $10,000 or more within a 24-hour period (or multiple transactions that add up to that amount within 24 hours) must provide current government photo identification.
  • Players must produce government ID to receive payouts for transactions over $10,000.
  • Reports are filed when players buy in with a large amount of small denomination bills.
  • Warning cards or barrings are issued to players who are found to be passing chips or cash.

Preventing Minors from Entering Gambling Facilities

In B.C., anyone under 19 is strictly prohibited from entering a casino or gaming facility. We work with GPEB to educate the public and prevent minors from entering casinos.

We take this responsibility very seriously have a number of measures in place to prevent and deter minors from entering gambling facilities:

  • Mandatory ID checks for anyone who appears under 25
  • Increased security staff during peak hours
  • Staff training
  • An onsite awareness program for patrons
  • Funneling patrons at casino entry points
  • ID scanners to aid age verification