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BCLC Anti-Money Laundering Program

BCLC invests substantial resources to continuously monitor and improve our anti-money laundering (AML) program, which is subject to frequent and extensive independent reviews and audits to confirm its effectiveness and ability to meet federal requirements.

BCLC has a dedicated AML unit. The unit is staffed with internationally certified AML investigators and formally trained and certified intelligence analysts that specialize in, and whose sole focus is, to address and reduce the threat of money laundering in casinos by, amongst other things:

  • conducting customer due-diligence inquiries which include confirming the identity of customers engaged in suspicious transactions, and transactions reportable to regulators, by utilizing various intelligence tools and methods;
  • monitoring and reporting large cash transactions and disbursements to patrons of amounts of $10,000 or more, as well as suspicious transactions of any amount;
  • providing copies of all suspicious transaction reports to police and GPEB;
  • supporting prosecutions through the provision of corporate documentary evidence and expert testimony as required;
  • supporting civil forfeiture actions seeking the recovery of laundered funds and proceeds of crime through the provision of corporate documentary evidence and expert testimony as required;
  • requiring evidence of and a declaration setting out the source of funds for all buy-ins of $10,000 or more, and requiring casino staff to record detailed information about where the customer obtained his or her buy-in funds;
  • ensuring service providers clearly mark and track all payments by cheque as either “Return of Gaming Funds – Not Gaming Winnings” or as a payout of a “Verified Win” to make clear where funds have been acquired through gambling win(s) or are simply the return of the customer’s buy-in funds;
  • monitoring and controlling the exchange of small-denomination bills for large-denomination bills at casinos;
  • monitoring and reporting instances of suspicious behavior of patrons passing casino chips on the gaming floor to police and regulators;
  • honouring casino chips only at the property from which the chips were bought;
  • establishing and enforcing casino-chip rules that require patrons acquire chips only through lawful means, and use them only for purposes intended at B.C. casinos;
  • promoting the use of traceable payment options, rather than anonymous cash, such as debit cards, branded cheques, bank drafts and electronic funds transfers through customer accounts;
  • conducting inquiries into customer’s source of wealth and funds to assess risk;
  • where appropriate, placing restrictions on a customer’s use of cash or banning them outright from conducting transactions of any kind based on the risk they pose; and,
  • requiring AML training for service provider staff in casinos.

Last Updated: April 1, 2019