Retired Richmond Fisherman Reels in Record-Breaking Lotto Max Haul


Joeseph K. 60 million lotto max winner

Joseph Katalinic has been peacefully retired for twenty years, but has plans to “live like a king” after winning the $60 million Lotto Max jackpot on the July 26, 2019 draw.

“I scanned the ticket at Seafair Centre where I purchased the ticket,” says Katalinic. “I thought to myself that it can’t be true… I was so excited, I had to go to two other locations to scan my ticket again just to make sure it was real.”

Katalinic’s Quick Pick ticket matched all seven numbers to win the largest lottery prize in B.C. history. Previously, B.C. has had three $50 million Lotto Max winners.

“The first person I told was my daughter,” says Katalinic. “She told my son-in-law, and then I told my youngest daughter. There was a lot of hugging and kissing, and a lot of emotions.”

The former commercial fisherman has called Richmond home virtually his whole life.

As for what comes next with his new fortune, Katalinic says he plans to take some family trips to Hawaii and visit the town in Europe where his parents were born.

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