Sunday Payday: North Vancouver Woman Wins $675,000 playing Set For Life


Katarina B wins 675000 playing Set for Life

Working on a Sunday would seem like a chore for most people, but it was a rewarding afternoon for Katarina Burgess.

Facing a deadline, Burgess headed into the office to complete some work. After finishing up, she decided to reward herself by scratching the Set for Life ticket in her purse. She quickly discovered she had scratched her way to the top prize of $675,000.

“I was the only one in the office, and was so shocked that I won,” says Burgess, who has lived in North Vancouver since 2002 with her family. “I started shaking. My first thought was it had to be a mistake.”

Burgess says she plays Scratch and Win tickets exclusively, with a particular penchant for Set for Life.

The $675,000 prize means Burgess and her family will be able to pay off some debt and help pay for her kids’ education and admits a nice family vacation is likely in the offing.

“We’ll go travelling to see and spend time with people that live in other places around the world,” says Burgess.

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