Daily Milk Run Turns into Grocery-Store Dream for Surrey Winners


Daily grand winners

Robert Jolliffe and Mandeep Gill said their trip to the grocery store to buy milk quickly took a turn down an unexpected aisle after they scanned their Daily Grand ticket and realized they’d won $500,000 from the July 23, 2020 draw.

Jolliffe and Gill were validating their ticket when the machine froze, leaving them speechless – but only for a moment.

“Our first reaction was disbelief, and then there was a lot of screaming,” Gill said.

Gill said they were standing in the grocery store for so long, another customer thought they forgot their wallet and offered to buy them their jug of milk.

Jolliffe purchased the couple’s ticket at the 7-Eleven in the fifteen hundred block of Fraser Highway in Surrey. He said that while they have been playing lottery games for a few years, they only recently started to play Daily Grand, and always choose their numbers with Quick Pick.

The couple is planning to walk down another aisle soon – at their wedding – and said the win will not only make the celebration more special, it will help them realize their goal of being homeowners.

“It gives us a great way to start the next chapter of our lives,” Gill said.

Did you know? So far in 2020, B.C. lottery players have claimed more than $5 million in winnings from Daily Grand. Daily Grand is a nationwide lottery game drawn on Mondays and Thursdays after 7:30 p.m. (PST), with a top prize of $1,000 a day for life. Players can purchase tickets at lottery retailers or at Players can now check their lottery tickets anytime, anywhere using the BCLC Lotto! App.

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