Kamloops Man Picks Up Morning Paper, and a $500,000 Instant Ticket

August 20, 2021

Domenico Di Giacomo, Kamloops, $500,000 Scratch & Win

All Domenico Di Giacomo expected to come home with after stopping in to the Canco gas station in Kamloops was his Saturday-morning newspaper. But a last minute decision to buy a $500,000 Jackpot Scratch & Win ticket, turned out to bring him a lot more than the day’s top news.

Di Giacomo’s impulse purchase turned out to be worth a half million dollars, as he scratched his way to the instant game’s grand prize.

“When I pick my Scratch & Win tickets, I always pick the ticket in the middle,” said Di Giacomo. “I’ve been celebrating since last week.” 

Di Giacomo is humbled by his unexpected win and admits it will make his retirement easier. One of his bucket list items is to buy a motorcycle, which he’s already ordered.

The odds of winning the ‘500,000 Jackpot’ grand prize are approximately 1 in 500,000. 

Did you know that Scratch & Win players redeemed more than $135 million in prize-winning tickets so far in 2021? Anyone can win and #YouCouldBeNext. Watch some amazing lottery winner stories at

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