Kelowna Woman Does a Triple Take after Winning BCLC’s Largest Ever Scratch & Win Prize of $3 Million


A trip to Circle K Convenience Store in Kelowna changed the game for Darlene Curylo after she purchased a Triple Millions Scratch & Win ticket only to realize she’d won $3 million, the largest instant-ticket prize BCLC has ever awarded.

“I was in my car in the parking lot…and I scratched the ticket,” Curylo recalled after she purchased the ticket from the store on K.L.O Rd. “When I saw the amount I was in shock! I just couldn’t believe what I saw.”

Triple Millions is a national Scratch & Win game and the odds of winning the top prize are 1:1,210,000. 

After the win sunk in, Curylo went home and shared her life-changing news with a close friend.

“I showed her the ticket and she said ‘Oh my gosh!’” Curylo recalled; next she called her sister who celebrated the win with her over the phone.

The Kelowna resident plans to purchase a new home and vehicle thanks to her life-changing prize, and says she will invest the rest into savings.

“It is wonderful – it feels so amazing,” Curylo said.

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