Langley Musician Sings New Tune After Becoming an Instant Millionaire

September 17, 2021

Edward Perry, Langley, Scratch & Win, $1 Million Winner

Edward Perry loves to play music and owns 85 instruments, but his recent decision to play $1,000,000 Jackpot is what has B.C.’s newest Scratch & Win millionaire singing. 

“It’s a wonderful feeling, it’s hard to express,” he said. “I feel bubbly.”

Perry picked up his Scratch & Win ticket at Express News on Fraser Highway in Langley, and checked it at the Otter Co-op Gas Bar in Aldergrove.

“I shut the machine down,” he recalled after handing the ticket to the cashier. “People at the store wanted to take pictures with me.” 

Perry says he never imagined he would win the game’s top prize of $1 million, the odds of which are one in 1:400,000.

“I want to celebrate with my family back in Ontario,” he said of his prize plans. “I’ll have a catered dinner with whatever food and drinks they want.” 

Perry adds that a new truck and a trip to Newfoundland are also on his bucket list.

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