Lower Mainland Friends Ride Away With $100K Keno Win

April 27, 2021

Keno Winners

Pals Daniel Brito and Kenneth Phillips enjoy many activities together, one of them being Keno, and were immediately filled with excitement upon finding out they scored $100,040 from a Keno draw on January 29, 2021.

Brito, from Surrey, and Phillips, from White Rock, purchased the ticket together at Frankie G’s Boilerhouse Pub on Ewen Avenue in New Westminster and were sitting watching the board there when they saw their winning numbers pop up. 

“I noticed all of the numbers started to come up and was counting them as they came up,” Phillips recalled. “I realized that we won big..!”

Aside from the people in the pub, Brito couldn’t wait to share the news with his mom, who laughed in disbelief. 

As for what they plan to do with their prize, Brito has his eyes on a motorcycle so the two of them can ride together, and Phillips plans to put his part away into savings for now. 

“It feels pretty cool to me,” said Brito. “It feels great to be a winner,” Phillips added.