Grey Cup Tradition Boasts $25K Windfall for Maple Ridge BC 50/50 Winners

February 14, 2022

Maple Ridge Winners

Anita Sandy and David Kenworthy’s annual tradition of purchasing a BC 50/50 ticket during the Grey Cup netted them their own win worth $25,000 from the December 12, 2021 draw. 

“I just got home from work and David told me it was someone in the Valley Fair Mall,” Sandy recalled. “At first I didn’t believe it and then I checked it on his phone and realized it was real!”

The Maple Ridge residents purchased their ticket from the Valley Fair Mall on Lougheed Highway and found out they were winners the following day.

“It’s so exciting,” Kenworthy said. “Anytime you win money it feels great.” 

The winners plan to upgrade their garage door with some of their prize and look forward to finishing some home renovations.