Healthcare Co-Workers Win $256,051 Playing Lotto Max Together

July 05, 2022

Coquitlam Winner

It was a happy mistake for Coquitlam resident Adriana Miklosikova, who originally thought her group of nursing colleagues won $256 from the June 14, 2022 Lotto Max draw, but it was really $256,051.80. 

“I was at home, preparing my breakfast after finishing my work out. I scanned the ticket and thought it was $256, but then noticed the comma. I scanned it a few more times on the BCLC Lotto! App and realized it was $256,000,” said Miklosikova. 

The group of 15 nurses, that have been playing the lottery together for about two years, plan to celebrate with a nice dinner together. 

“Winning is unbelievable! We’ll all be able to plan something special with the extra money.” 

Miklosikova purchased the winning ticket at the second floor Lottery Kiosk at Guildford Town Centre in Surrey. 

When playing the lottery with family, friends or co-workers, it’s important to take some steps that will help avoid any misunderstandings. BCLC recommends that groups appoint someone as a captain to coordinate collecting participants' money, buying the group's ticket(s), tracking group winnings and posting results.

When a ticket is purchased in a retail location, the group captain should print their name on the front or back, along with the words “In Trust” to indicate the ticket belongs to a group. 

Keeping clear records of who is participating in each draw and understanding what happens if a group member does not contribute for a draw helps avoid any confusion if your group wins. 

The Group Prize Agreement form is a form that is required when a group lottery ticket wins a prize of $2,000.01 or greater and must be completed by all group members entitled to a share of the prize won. 

Learn more about tips for playing the lottery as a group, and download the Group Prize Agreement Form, on BCLC’s website: