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Tawny Goldrick won a Maxmillion prize on Lotto Max

Chilliwack Maxmillion winner plans to hit the slopes


When Tawny Goldrick saw seven matching numbers and $1,000,000 on the lottery terminal screen his first reaction was laughter and then disbelief, before realizing he had won a $1 million Maxmillion prize.

The 24-year-old Chilliwack resident purchased tickets for the January 9th Lotto Max draw at the 7-11 on McCallum Road in Abbotsford. The next day, while stopping for gas, he discovered one of those tickets would make him a millionaire.

“When I put my ticket in the scanner it said $1 million; I chuckled to myself and thought, yeah right,” recalls Goldrick. “I scanned it again and when it said the same number, I ran to the teller where she confirmed it. Every time someone came into the store I started yelling that I had won $1 million.”

The aspiring rapper plans to celebrate his win by purchasing an apartment in Whistler and spending the winter snowboarding. As for his future, Goldrick is looking forward to creating new career opportunities and getting some financial advice on what to do with his jackpot.

“I’m going to take some financial advice because I know what it’s like to have no money,” says Goldrick. “I don’t want to blow it on anything; I just want to build a life for myself.”

LOTTO MAX can be played at all lottery retail locations and online at, with tickets available until 6:00 p.m. (PT) on draw day (Friday). Winning numbers and group release forms can be found online at

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