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Awareness week brings gambling education to Victoria


BCLC and the Province of British Columbia, in cooperation with Great Canadian Gaming Corporation have partnered for Responsible Gambling Awareness Week. The week engages the whole community in activities designed to raise awareness of responsible gambling practices, April 19-25, 2015.

BCLC and the Province’s Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch trained local volunteers who will staff a myth-busting kiosk at various venues throughout the week including Saanich Commonwealth Centre, the University of Victoria and the Bay Centre.

The entire community is welcome to a free public swim on Saturday, April 25 from 1:30pm - 4pm. Swim for free, play games and win prizes, all while learning about the responsible gambling programs and problem gambling resources available in the community.
Greater Victoria is one of five communities hosting Responsible Gambling Awareness. The others are Richmond, Kamloops, Vernon, and Langley.

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week was created to educate communities about responsible play and raise awareness of the problem gambling support services available in the community.

Quick Facts

  • Whether they buy a lottery ticket, bet in a casino, or gamble online, 81 per cent of adult British Columbians gamble at least once a year.
  • The odds always favour the house, there is no such thing as luck, gamblers cannot ‘earn’ a win, and there are warning signs when gambling becomes a problem.
  • The Province’s Problem Gambling Help Line (1-888-795-6111) offers problem gamblers free, confidential, multilingual help from trained professionals (11 languages, text services impaired) along with free problem gambling counselling services.


Michael De Jong, Finance Minister and Minister Responsible for Gaming

“While the prevalence of problem gambling is declining in B.C., government still has an obligation to educate the public on the risks of gambling and raise awareness of the support services that are in place for those who need them. Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is an important part of meeting those obligations.”

Jim Lightbody, BCLC President and CEO

“The responsible gambling week provides an opportunity for everyone to learn more about making healthy choices when playing our games. Whether you buy lottery tickets, bet in the casino, or gamble online, we’re out in the community this week to communicate proactively with some helpful tips to raise awareness about how to keep it fun.”

Mayor David Screech, View Royal

“We are pleased that BCLC and the Province are back in our community for another year to promote responsible gambling. This is an important educational opportunity for anyone who plays at the casino here in town to learn more about what constitutes smart and healthy gambling choices.”

Chuck Keeling, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations and Responsible Gaming at Great Canadian Gaming Corporation

“View Royal Casino has supported and played an important role during the Responsible Gaming Awareness Week through participation in the organizing committee and by pursuing opportunities to increase responsible gaming awareness amongst staff and guests.”

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