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BCLC’s 30th anniversary a big celebration for lottery winner


Kelowna resident Shane Saucier was shopping for a Scratch & Win when he came across the new BCLC 30th Anniversary ticket. His decision to purchase the newly launched ticket paid off to the tune of $125,000 as he won the game’s top prize.

Saucier says he has regularly played Scratch & Win for years but didn’t think in his wildest dreams that he would walk away winning the top prize.

“I took the ticket home to scratch and initially thought I won $12,000,” described an elated Saucier. “I excitedly called my son to come check it out. That was when he advised me that I had actually won $125,000.”

Saucier says he places the experience of winning the prize closely behind his wedding day and the birth of his children in terms of major life milestones.

“It still feels very surreal and I don’t think it will truly sink in until the prize money is in my bank account,” admitted Saucier.

He says he is at a loss for what to do with his winnings. “My wife has a list because she likes to dream about winning. I will have to think about it because I never believed I would win.” Saucier says the first thing he will do is pay off bills and then he will start thinking about purchasing a new car.

Saucier notes his smile hasn’t faded since he scratched the winning ticket. He plans on hosting a low-key celebration at home with his family over pizza.

BCLC is celebrating its 30th Anniversary! Thanks to players, billions of dollars in provincial gaming revenue have supported communities, provincial programs and services, charitable organizations, and major events that have helped shape B.C. Every time you play with BCLC, you Play it Forward.  

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