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BCLC contributes $1.3 billion to British Columbia


BCLC celebrated its 30th anniversary over 2015/16 and we marked the milestone by delivering a record net income of $1.3 billion to government, which helps support communities, health care and education.

BCLC achieved growth in all lines of business - lottery, casino and eGaming - which resulted in a record net income that is $59 million ahead of the last fiscal year. BCLC benefitted most notably from a significant number of large national lottery jackpots. BCLC’s diverse portfolio of products, combined with responsiveness to changing consumer demands and evolving market conditions, were pivotal in this success.

With these strong financial results, comes great responsibility. BCLC’s mandate includes a commitment to responsible gambling as outlined in BCLC’s 2015/16 Social Responsibility Report. Over the past year, BCLC has focused on harm reduction and customized programming for special populations that may experience an increased risk of harm. Social Responsibility is embedded in every aspect of BCLC and we report annually on our performance.

While gambling continues to be a popular form of entertainment in B.C., people have many choices for how to spend their entertainment dollars. BCLC aims to stay relevant and create entertaining experiences for players, in a safe and responsible manner.

The Province of B.C. founded BCLC 31 years ago with the purpose of giving back to British Columbia. Today, $0.88 of every dollar played goes back into the Province. Learn more here.

Download a full copy of the Annual Report please click here.

Download a full copy of the Social Responsibility Report here.

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