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BCLC Enhancing Responsible Gambling Support for Workers in BC Gambling Industry


BCLC has introduced additional responsible gambling measures, and initiated changes to policy, education and training, to better support workers in the B.C. gambling industry who may be at a higher risk of developing problems with gambling.

Specific measures include:

  • Updating BCLC’s Voluntary Self-Exclusion Policy and Agreement to reinforce that those in the gambling industry are eligible to exclude themselves from gambling facilities and participation in the program will not impact their employment status.
  • Developing new content for gambling workers’ mandatory training courses that highlights the increased risks for industry workers and outlines resources and support options available.
  • Ensuring that information on responsible and problem gambling is readily available for workers.
  • Working with the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch to increase the current number of GameSense Advisors, so that every gambling facility in B.C. has an on-site responsible gambling subject matter expert who can educate staff, along with customers, on responsible gambling best practices.
  • Working with the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch to enhance awareness and access to local counseling services for gaming workers.

Canadian research has indicated that workers in gambling facilities exhibit rates of problem gambling that are up to four times higher than the general population, sitting at around 10 per cent.1  In comparison, a May 2016 survey commissioned by BCLC found that 14 per cent of gaming workers in B.C. display moderate to high risk gambling behaviours, compared to 3.3 per cent of the general population in B.C.2  

The B.C. gaming worker survey, as well as a similar survey conducted with BCLC corporate staff, is available here.

More information regarding BCLC’s enhanced measures to support BC gambling workers is available here.

These enhancements are part of BCLC’s ongoing, proactive strategy to identify and support special populations (including seniors, gaming workers and BCLC staff) that may be at higher risk of developing problem gambling behaviours.


1 Gambling By Ontario Casino Employees: Gambling Behaviors, Problem Gambling, and Impacts of the Employment, D. Guttentag, 2011.

2 2014 Problem Gambling Prevalence Study, commissioned by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch of the Ministry of Finance, Province of B.C., 2015. 

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