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Delta co-workers share smiles after Lotto Max win


Six Delta co-workers have taken teamwork to a whole new level! The group, who has been playing the lottery together for over three years, got the payout they had been hoping for after winning a $1 million MAXMILLION prize on the March 7 draw.

Jackie Collins, responsible for buying the group’s tickets each week, admits she doesn’t always check them right away. “So when I stopped for gas more than two weeks later I figured I should check the tickets. On the last ticket I saw the zeros flashing and neither I nor the retailer knew what to do!”

Collins headed straight to her workplace to share the exciting news but none of her co-workers believed a word she said. “There’s a prankster in our group,” she explained. “So everyone was hesitant to believe the win.”

Once she presented the ticket to the group the $1 million prize began to sink in.  

When asked if the group would be retiring or taking some time off they all laughed. “We love our jobs,” Collins shared. “It’s a great place to work, a real family business.”

Each of the six winners plans to have a bit of fun with their share of the winnings. Plans for their winnings include one trip to Australia while another heads off to Spain, some new camera equipment and education savings.

The ticket was purchased at the Shell gas station on Ladner Trunk Road in Delta.

Collins and her co-workers claimed one of eight winning MAXMILLIONS from the March 7 draw. The only other winning B.C. MAXMILLION was won by a couple in Vernon.

The winner of the $50 million LOTTO MAX jackpot from March 14 has yet to come forward.

LOTTO MAX can be played at all lottery retail locations and online at, with tickets available until 6 p.m. (PT) on Friday. Winning numbers and group release forms can be found online at

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