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Lottery players thanked in BCLC’s version of ‘candid camera’


Imagine this. You’re running errands in Metropolis at Metrotown and you rush into the Lotto Signature Store to purchase your weekly lottery tickets. So far, it’s business as usual until the friendly retailer behind the counter hands you your tickets and says “good luck!” With that, a curtain is dropped, a video camera is revealed and a marching band begins playing “The Saints Come Marching In.”

Believe it or not, this scene recently played out at BCLC’s Lotto Signature Store in Metropolis at Metrotown and it was all captured on camera as part of an Instant Thank You video campaign to thank lottery players. Why is BCLC thanking them? Because every time a dice is rolled at a casino or a lottery ticket is purchased, it funds community programs across B.C.

Customers in the Lotto Signature Store were surprised and thanked by a marching band to highlight the Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts in Dawson Creek, by a bronze hockey statue representing the Nanaimo Museum Sports Hall of Fame, and lastly by a group of firefighters who expressed thanks on behalf of firehalls across BC. All of these community initiatives were made possible by funding from gaming through Host Local Governments, which was news to almost all of the players who were thanked.

Marc Li, the Franchisee for the Lotto Signature Store, said many of his customers play the lottery for entertainment without knowing that 89 cents of every dollar gambled goes back into B.C. “Once the cameras stopped rolling, a handful of customers stuck around to get information on where the money goes,” explained Li.

As for the dramatic and unexpected thank you, Li said once the curtain was dropped, the responses ran the gamut. “It isn’t every day you are thanked out of the blue and on camera for purchasing a lottery ticket by a live band, a team of firefighters and a bronze statue. Some customers laughed, others ran away, and some were downright confused,” recalled Li.

Li was proud to show off the Lotto Signature Store while filming the “Instant Thank You” videos and said his staff shared in the excitement.

“We arrived bright and early to set up for the day and of course it was worth it. To me, this store is an example of what lottery retail can look like in 2015 and beyond. Thanking our players was the primary focus but showcasing the store was an added bonus,” Li said.

Li estimates about 30 players were thanked on camera during filming and since he knows his regular customers best, it was his call whether or not the cameras would roll at all. “I’m sure that’s the last time I’ll hear ‘lights, camera, action’ in my store but you never know,” smiled Li. You can see the Instant Thank You videos here which feature regular players being thanked for helping Play it Forward.  

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