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BCLC Media Relations


Susan Schroeder volunteering for Brier

Tales from the Brier Patch – Off-ice fashion


BCLC is a community partner of the 2014 Tim Hortons Brier, in partnership with Gateway’s Lake City Casino Kamloops. The Brier is an event owned and operated by the Canadian Curling Association.

Fifteen BCLC employees are volunteering at the event on their own time, each contributing approximately 25 hours to be a part of this exciting event in Kamloops.

Today our volunteers came across some interesting and meaningful fashion accessories

Volunteer Susan contributed to a brier family tradition.

I attended Draw 13 with my daughters. There were some amazing shots and some devastating misses.  It was a great night and we had a fabulous time. The girls really enjoyed their first curling event.

One thing I will always remember happened towards the end of the night as we were leaving. I noticed two ladies walking by and one was wearing a beautiful scarf covered in a colourful array of pins. I wondered if she had a BCLC Brier pin, so I grabbed the last one I had in my pocket and approached her. I complimented her beautiful scarf, showed her the BCLC Brier pin and asked if she already had one. She did not and happily accepted the one I offered her. I noticed that the second lady was interested as well and offered her the BCLC Brier pin off my jacket. She graciously accepted. They thanked me for the pins and explained that the scarf had belonged to their parents who had attended the Briers and enjoyed collecting the pins. They explained how they each had a scarf, although only one had it along, and decided that since their parents had passed away that they would carry on the tradition.

It was an amazing way to end the evening meeting two very nice ladies who were carrying on a family Brier tradition. Good feelings all around! Looking forward to meeting more curling fans in the Patch!

Volunteer Denise had a Superhero experience.

I worked Sunday night from 8:30-1:30am bartending, which gave me a great opportunity to talk to curlers and fans alike. The highlight was talking to the Super Dave Osborne "team". These fellows hail from the prairies, and attend the Brier regularly. They have a "tickle trunk" of costumes they rotate daily. Some of us will recall the Scottish Highlanders from Saturday and those great kilts...that was the same group of guys. Why do they do this? Probably because they get a lot of attention from the female curling fans, and because anything goes at the Brier Patch! I'm looking forward to seeing what they have on for my next shift tonight.

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