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Trish volunteering for Brier

Tales from the Brier Patch – The Friendliest Fans in Sport?


BCLC is a community partner of the 2014 Tim Hortons Brier, in partnership with Gateway’s Lake City Casino Kamloops. The Brier is an event owned and operated by the Canadian Curling Association.

Fifteen BCLC employees are volunteering at the event on their own time, each contributing approximately 25 hours to be a part of this exciting event in Kamloops.

Today our volunteers wonder if curling fans are the friendliest sports fans in Canada.

Volunteer Tricia (pictured) surprised herself by yelling at the rocks…

Having finished my first shift in the Patch as volunteer for the Brier, I am so impressed with the curling community – both here in Kamloops, as well as across Canada!  What a friendly, fun bunch! 

The Patch was hopping when I arrived.  I saw lots of smiles, hugs…and curling talk going around.  I even recognized some of the Brier curlers’ names and could join in the conversation. I loved watching our Canadian teams win gold in Sochi! I am slowly becoming an avid curling fan.

My husband and I were able to watch some curling one evening.  I wasn’t sure what to expect out of watching a curling game live. At first, I was a little distracted watching four different games at one time. Soon enough, I found that I was caught up in cheering for some great shots. And what devoted fans! Some decked out in Super Dave costumes, others wearing bright yellow rain hats (I think they were cheering for Nova Scotia?), and others holding up signs or cheering with cow bells. This curling community just seems like a nice bunch of folks. 

And the curling itself was really exciting to watch. What amazing precision! I had to laugh at how animated some of the curlers got yelling at the rock as if it would help to move the rock that extra inch! 

I was pleasantly surprised. Watching curling live was pretty neat. And the atmosphere felt very Canadian!! It was great.

I had to laugh when we picked up our kids at their Grandparent’s house; they were watching the last of the BC game on TSN. We all cheered as Jim Cotter of BC had an amazing last rock shot to win the game. It was proof curling really can be enjoyed by all ages!

I’m off to the Patch once again today. Looking forward to swapping some pins with those devoted collectors, as well as looking forward to meeting some more nice folks!  Great that I get to watch more curling on the big screens at the Patch while I’m volunteering. Go Team BC!!

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