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GameSense is here to help keep gambling a safe, fun source of entertainment.

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Understand the key concepts that influence the outcome every time you gamble.

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Tools and resources to help you if gambling no longer feels like a game.

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GameSense & Responsible Gambling

GameSense is all about making informed choices. It also gives people the tools they need to learn to play responsibly. Informed gamblers are gamblers who play for fun, not for money, and who know when to stop.

GameSense is designed to help people:

  • Learn the difference between chance- and skill-based games
  • Discover key gambling facts
  • Learn about the odds for different games
  • Dispel some commonly held myths about gambling
  • Provide tips for playing responsibly

Where to find GameSense

GameSense is online, at all lottery retail outlets and at the interactive GameSense Info Centre (GSIC) or satellite GSIC in every casino and community gaming centre in the province.

GSICs feature:

  • GameSense Advisors who can provide information and support
  • Demonstration slot machines
  • Touch-screen, interactive, responsible gambling kiosks
  • Computers that connect you to additional resources online

We strive to make this information accessible and approachable. Players are engaged by fun challenges and enlightening videos. Last year 40,000 people interacted at a GSIC.

We also get the message out through advertising, which has been featured on television, on the web and in movie theatres. We want everyone to engage their GameSense.

Talking to kids about gambling

You may be surprised to learn that 43% of kids surveyed in B.C. reported that they had gambled in the past year. Gambling can take many forms, like playing poker with friends, betting on a sporting event or even redeeming a lottery ticket received as a gift. And you can wager almost anything, including money, computer equipment, bikes, video games, etc.

Today, children spend a lot of time online where they may be exposed to a wide variety of gambling-related messages, or even games that specifically mimic gambling.

That's why awareness is important. GameSense has tools to help parents start the conversation with their kids.

GameSense also reminds parents that gambling in B.C. is restricted to people who are 19 and over. Adults sometimes purchase lottery tickets as gifts for kids. It can send the wrong message about gambling and promote it at a younger age. We encourage people to refrain from giving lottery tickets to anyone under 19.