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Thanks to our players, billions of dollars have supported communities and help B.C. grow.

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About Casinos

In British Columbia we have some of the best gambling facilities in Canada. Our vision is to offer exceptional gambling entertainment in locations that feature enhanced amenities and entertainment options.

BCLC responds to market demand by developing gaming properties in suitable locations that are appropriate for each market. Gaming facilities are located with the approval of the host local government. Host local governments include municipalities and First Nations.

The Province enters into revenue sharing agreements with host local governments that host community gaming centres or casinos. Host local governments receive 10 per cent of the net income generated from these gaming facilities.

BCLC's role is to manage and operate the province's gambling industry and to maintain integrity and security for all players. We offer opportunities to play table games — both live and electronic, slot machines, and bingo games. These games are available in different combinations in 32 communities across the province.

  • 17 Casinos (15 Casinos with 2 Casinos at Racetracks)
  • 4 Bingo Halls
  • 18 Community Gaming Centres

Each facility offers something unique for players whether it's the location, games or ambiance. With a variety of games, amenities and locations, each and every one of our facilities is worth a visit.


We manage the casino industry on your behalf using a made-in-B.C. business model.

The games and equipment are provided by BCLC. We oversee their operation and also oversee the private sector service providers who provide and maintain the facilities and manage the day-to-day facility operations. We're responsible for the integrity and security of every game and put policies and procedures in place so that standards are met and maintained. Operating B.C.'s casinos is a big job and we are committed to doing it right.

We have extensive casino security and compliance programs dedicated to complying with the federal and provincial regulations and laws governing our industry. We continuously monitor, review and improve our security systems and procedures.

Everyone and most everything you see in a casino, community gaming centre or bingo hall must also operate in adherence to the rules and regulations set out and enforced by our provincial regulator, the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch.

Benefits to Communities

More than 60 per cent of B.C.'s gambling revenues are generated by facility-based gambling. The net income we generate goes to the Province to support programs, services and grants in communities around the province.

Local governments, including First Nations, that host a casino in their community receive 10 per cent of the gambling net income (revenue after prizes and BCLC operating expenses). Host local governments with a community gaming centre (CGC) in their jurisdiction receive 10 per cent of the net income generated from the CGC's slot machines. Local governments use this net income to benefit their communities.

Playing it Right

Gambling should be fun and it's important that players have the knowledge they need to make informed choices about the games they play. Every casino and community gaming centre in B.C. features a GameSense Information Centre. Our responsible gambling programs educate players about the risks of gambling, the odds and the random nature of winning.

We also educate gambling staff on how to notice and direct gamblers who may need additional information or support.

Our Role

BCLC is owned by the Province of British Columbia, which chose to operate gambling through a Crown to both meet the requirements of the Criminal Code of Canada, and balance the need for revenue generation with a commitment to social responsibility and integrity.

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Casino Security & Compliance

One of the ways we help to give players a positive experience is with our commitment to gambling integrity.

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