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Approval Process

As the Crown Corporation responsible for managing gambling in the province, BCLC routinely assesses the gambling market in order to best serve British Columbians. When considering a new gaming facility, we adhere to a formal evaluation process that includes clearly defined criteria.

The process includes these key steps:

Market Review: BCLC uses specialized third-party expertise to analyse and determine demand for a new gaming facility and what games would best serve the market. This analysis looks at factors including population data, existing gaming facilities and estimated revenue potential in the area.

Expression of Interest: When a new market is identified, BCLC issues an Expression of Interest to all local governments in the identified market area. Local governments then notify BCLC whether they wish to be considered to host a facility. A third-party, independent fairness monitor oversees BCLC’s review of submissions based on a number of factors.

Service Provider Selection: BCLC selects a private-sector operator who will build and operate the proposed facility on our behalf.

Gaming Proposal: BCLC will notify the preferred host local government, as determined by the Expression of Interest process, that it intends to bring forward a gaming proposal.

Community Input: BCLC is committed to meaningful community engagement and understanding what’s important to British Columbians. In addition, the preferred host local government is obligated under the Gaming Control Act to seek and consider input from the community and to notify neighbouring governments.

Approval: Upon approval from the preferred host local government, BCLC makes its final decision regarding whether to proceed with the development of a new gaming facility.