Protecting Casinos from Money Laundering

BCLC shares the public’s concern about money laundering in British Columbia.

BCLC's Anti-Money Laundering Commitment

We take our responsibility in the system seriously and are always working to improve how we safeguard B.C. casinos and communities from criminal activity.

Today, anyone who tries to buy-in with any amount of cash may be asked to prove that the cash is theirs, and everyone who tries to buy-in with cash of $10,000 or more within a 24-hour period must prove their source of funds. Casinos also verify the identity of individuals for all buy-ins of $3,000 or more in a single transaction by requiring them to provide government-issued identification. 

In addition, casinos are required to clearly label all cheques as “return of funds – not gaming winnings” or as “verified win” to prevent individuals from buying-in with cash, playing nominally and cashing out with a generic casino cheque.

Thanks to these and our other actions since 2012, suspicious transactions in B.C. casinos have dramatically declined. In the following sections, learn more about BCLC’s role and our work to combat money laundering.

What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering is the process in which money derived from criminal activity, also known as ‘dirty’ money, is concealed and transformed to give it the appearance of being ‘clean’ money. Money laundering is a crime that affects multiple sectors of the economy.

Did you know?

BCLC is just one part of the provincial and federal anti-money laundering regime.