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Your Privacy is Important to Us

BCLC takes your right to privacy seriously. You have a right to know what we do with your personal information so that you can make informed choices. Because we want to be a privacy leader within the gambling industry, we've created this Privacy Charter to explain, in straightforward terms, what we do and what we don't do with your personal information.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions after reading this Charter please contact us — we want to hear from you.

BCLC's Three Pillars of Privacy

As a public body, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ("FIPPA") applies to BCLC. FIPPA directs how BCLC can use your personal information. BCLC's commitment to privacy is based upon three pillars — fairness, accountability and accessibility. These three pillars are designed to help BCLC meet its obligations under FIPPA.

1. Fairness

BCLC strives to use fair information practices. This means:

We provide you with clear and adequate notice when we collect your personal information (a "Privacy Notice") as required by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ("FIPPA"). Note that in some situations, e.g. law enforcement, FIPPA does not require the provision of a Privacy Notice.

In every Privacy Notice, we state the purposes for which we will use your information and we obtain your explicit or implicit consent to allow us to use your personal information in accordance with the stated purposes.

We take steps to minimize the collection of sensitive personal information.

If we use your personal information to make a decision that directly affects you we make every reasonable effort to ensure that your personal information is accurate and complete.

We will not send you advertising or marketing information without your consent.

We will not sell your personal information to third parties.

In some cases, we share your personal information with other companies that provide services on our behalf. In those cases, we only provide them with the information needed to perform those services and we also require them not to share your information with anyone else.

2. Accountability

BCLC is accountable for the ways in which we deal with your personal information. We do this by:

Developing and providing privacy training to all of our employees and key service providers so that each person who may handle your personal information understands how to protect that information.

Conducting regular reviews to make sure that our employees and key service providers have completed the training.

Rewarding employees for good privacy practices and reprimanding employees for poor privacy practices.

Using appropriate physical, technical and administrative safeguards to protect the personal information we do collect.

Having an established chain for reporting and responding to privacy issues.

3. Accessibility

BCLC aims to be accessible. This means:

We will provide you with information about the existence, use and disclosure of your personal information, and provide you with access to that information upon request:

To review records containing your personal information you may be required to submit a formal request under FIPPA. For information, please refer to Freedom of Information Requests.

If you would like more information about our privacy practices or believe that we could do something better, please contact our Information and Privacy department. While we may not be able to implement all suggestions, we will give them all genuine consideration.

If, at any time, you feel like we have not acted in accordance with this Charter, you may request a formal review of your case by contacting BCLC's Information and Privacy department.

If, at any time, you are not satisfied with how BCLC is dealing with your case, you can contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia, at:

Mailing Address:

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia
PO Box 9038, Stn. Prov. Govt.
Victoria, B.C.
V8W 9A4


4th Floor, 947 Fort Street
Victoria, BC V8V 3K3


(250) 387-5629

For toll-free access call Enquiry B.C. at one of the numbers listed below and request to be transferred to (250) 387-5629:

Vancouver: (604) 660-2421
Elsewhere in BC: (800) 663-7867
Facsimile: (250) 387-1696