Where the money goes

Funds generated by gaming go back to the province to help support healthcare, education and community programs all across B.C.


Net income from gambling

In 2019/20, $1.3 billion in net income was generated by BCLC for the Province of B.C. Here's where the money went.



Responsible gambling strategies

Supporting our mission of healthy play and entertainment for adults.



Local economic development initiatives

Contributing to vibrant, sustainable communities across the province.



Horse racing purse enhancements

Part of our partnership with the horse racing community.



Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch

Ensuring safe, secure and well-run games, facilities and online experiences.



Host Local Government payments

B.C. governments that host a gaming facility receive a 10 percent share of the net revenue those facilities generate.



First Nations Revenue Sharing

Distributing gaming revenue to First Nations governments through the Province of B.C.



Community gaming grants

Allocated by the Government of B.C. to support a range of non-profit organizations.



Provincial health special account

Money earmarked for health initiatives, including new hospitals, facility upgrades and community health programs.



Distribution to the Government of B.C.

To fund public programs, education and community groups.

In addition to the above, $10.5 million was distributed to the Government of Canada.

See how we impact your community

For over 35 years, players just like you have helped shaped B.C. See the impact that income generated from gaming has had in your local community.

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