When players know better, they play better.

GameSense gives players information on how different forms of gambling work along with a few basic principles, so they have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

GameSense helps players

Understand the odds of winning

Learn about chance vs. skill-based games

Dispel commonly held gambling myths

Know where to find the tools and support needed to play better

Where to find GameSense

GameSense can be found online, and at all lottery retail outlets, casinos and community gaming centres (CGCs) in the province.

GameSense Info Centres feature resources to help players understand how gambling works, including the rules of different games, the odds of winning, and how randomness and unpredictability play a major part in gambling. They also offer a place to take a break.

At each centre, players will find:

Trained GameSense Advisors who can provide information and support

Demonstration slot machines

Brochures on how the games work

Space to take a break with benches and cell phone charging outlets

GameSense Advisor Program

The GameSense Advisor (GSA) program is an important service to players, gambling staff and the community. Education, support and referral services are provided to facilitate healthy approaches to gambling and reducing harm.

GSAs play an integral role and provide service in three broad areas:


GSAs increase players’ ability to make informed decisions about their gambling by providing information on how games work, risks associated with gambling, and tools to support safer gambling practices. When appropriate, GSAs deliver educational programming and activities to engage customers in player health information.

Support and referral

GSAs can educate and assist players with problem gambling-related information and available resources. Advisors are knowledgeable about local community resources and are equipped to inform and assist players with Game Break program..

Program embeddedness and awareness

GSAs work closely with gambling venue staff to help embed responsible gambling principles in day-to-day operations. They provide training to help increase staff knowledge of player health principles and the Game Break program's enrollment process.

Our commitment

BCLC is committed to constantly improving and investing in these important resources at all casinos and CGCs in B.C. Find resources, support and more at GameSense.