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Benefits to BC

BCLC is proud to be part of every community in British Columbia. From fun, entertainment and great prizes, to community growth, local funding and rewarding jobs and, the benefits of our business are province-wide.

Founded over 31 years ago with the purpose of giving back to British Columbia, for the tenth consecutive year BCLC delivered over $1 billion in net income for the Province to fund provincial, municipal and community programs.

In 2015/16, $95.1 million was delivered to 33 local governments who host gambling facilities, helping fund municipal projects like the construction of the Anvil Centre in New Westminster, and road improvements in Kamloops. In addition, $887.5 million went to the Province for public services, $147.2 million to the Province’s Health Special Account for health care, research, education and promotion of health issues and $134.9 million to 5,000 charities and community organizations for programs and initiatives in arts and culture, sports, public safety, environment, and human and social services programs.

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88¢ of every dollar gambled goes back into B.C.