Corporate Citizenship

The Government of British Columbia founded BCLC in 1985 in order to give back to the citizens of B.C. and help communities grow.

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Our social purpose

BCLC’s social purpose is to generate win-wins for the greater good.

With our social purpose in place, we look at our decisions and their impact through a new lens. This means every decision is made with the intention of positively contributing to the progress of our society. Social-purpose companies exist to create a better world through their core business operations, setting strategic goals that are deliberate and deliver on the stated purpose.

Why does having a social purpose matter for BCLC? We generate win-wins by asking our employees, partners, and government stakeholders to continually evaluate the impacts of all activities and decisions on individuals, institutions, communities and the planet. Motivated and guided by our social purpose, everything we do must benefit the communities we serve.

An example of social purpose in action at BCLC is our ambition to have the healthiest players in the world where no one is harmed from the gambling we offer. Another example is BCLC’s work towards fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees are treated with dignity and respect. In fact, BCLC has been recognized for advancing its efforts in diversity, inclusion and belonging.  BCLC’s new sustainable procurement policy also considers sustainability-related impacts and prioritizes collaboration with existing suppliers to promote social purpose when evaluating the procurement of goods and services.

BCLC’s journey towards embedding social purpose within our organization is done in alignment with leading international environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, to help guide business decisions and create positive outcomes for our employees, stakeholders and the community at large. 

While it is still early in our social-purpose journey, our commitment to corporate citizenship — through player health; employee, community and stakeholder engagement; diversity and inclusion; and environmental sustainability — has never been stronger. 

BCLC’s social purpose is the north star that guides our organization to continue being a positive force for good.  

Player health

We take care of our players—prioritizing the well-being of the player in everything we do.

Community and stakeholder engagement

We involve our stakeholders and community partners in decisions that affect them and we ensure gambling revenue is generated responsibly for the benefit of all British Columbians.

Diversity and inclusion

We recognize there is strength in diversity of characteristics, skills and experiences of our employees.

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Employee engagement

We strive to create an engaged workplace and give our people opportunities to learn, grow and develop.

BCLC provides challenging and exciting opportunities and helps employees realize their own personal growth and potential. We want to create a fun and engaging work environment with a strong culture, so that BCLC is regarded as a great place to work. We're proud of our employees' volunteerism and to support their efforts, we offer paid time off for those who participate in their community through our Play It Forward volunteer program. We offer a number of resources for employees including benefits, training, skills management, and ongoing support for career development. Full-time employees are also eligible for extended health, dental, disability, life insurance, and more. 

Sustainability reporting

BCLC strives to be a positive catalyst socially, environmentally and economically. We report annually on our social responsibility and carbon neutrality efforts.

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Environmental, Social & Governance actions

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and supporting CleanBC targets and commitments.

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