Environmental, Social & Governance actions

Working to create positive environmental and social impacts

At BCLC, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and supporting CleanBC targets and commitments. Learn more about our actions as we continue to seek ways to integrate our social purpose—to generate win-wins for the greater good—into all that we do.

Embedding our ESG Framework in our organization

BCLC has established a multi-year plan to increase our efforts towards positive environmental and social impacts. Learn more about our environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals from Jim Gudjonson, Manager of Sustainability Innovation.

Winning with Purpose: BCLC’s latest report marks progress toward our 2030 ESG Goals

In a new report, BCLC is sharing results of the progress made towards its ESG goals in 2022/23. 

Winning with Purpose: BCLC's Annual Report 2022/23

BCLC supports low-carbon commuting

We encourage our employees to make environmentally-conscious choices for their commutes. We do this by providing facilities in our offices that make cycling an easier choice, offering an e-bike purchase program and providing the option to use electric vehicles for work travel.

Integrating sustainability into our procurement process

As part of our new policy, we now structure requests for proposals (RFP) to include specific questions about ESG targets.

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Climate-change accountability

We are working to meet or exceed the provincial greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets.* With the Science Based Target Initiatives (SBTi) as our guide, we are set on the path to becoming a net-zero organization by 2050. In 2022-23, we:

  • Formalized our climate-change governance structure. With our ESG Framework and ESG Policy finalized, our Board and executive leadership received education on managing climate risk. We also developed a responsibility assignment matrix to define and agree on roles and responsibilities for managing climate risks across the organization. 
  • Began developing a climate strategy, including actions to reduce owned/controlled emissions and indirect purchased energy emissions, and identified pathways to remove carbon emissions in our value chain by 2030. 
  • Enhanced our climate-change contingency planning. By validating our list of critical BCLC suppliers and product distributors and considering potential impacts to them, this allows us to maintain business continuity plans that prepare us for climate change-related events that may impact our business operations. 

*In B.C., the province has committed to cutting GHG emissions by 40 per cent by 2030, and 80 per cent by 2050.   

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Waste management

Through continual efforts, our Vancouver and Kamloops offices divert nearly 80 per cent of waste from landfill through recycling and composting. This year, our Kamloops head office switched to a more robust composting vendor that is able to accept many items that were considered landfill or recycling previously, and introduced soft plastics recycling. 

We also divert electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste) from landfill though recovering, re-selling and recycling end-of-life casino and lottery equipment. To comply with B.C.’s Provincial Recycling Regulation, BCLC is a steward of the Electronic Products Recycling Association of B.C.

In regards to paper products produced, BCLC is a member of RecycleBC’s product stewardship program and reports on the production and disposal of all paper products.

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Industry leadership

We support our suppliers and service providers to be more environmentally conscious in their decisions and actions.

Although we don't directly control these other groups, we provide leadership in minimizing the environmental and social impact where we work, and in our interactions with British Columbians. Here are some of the ways that we’re working with our suppliers and service providers:

  • We launched a social purpose and sustainable procurement policy that factors in supplier social responsibility principles as well as pricing and other criteria.
  • We connected with our four top-tier suppliers to communicate our ESG Framework, and goals, and develop collaborative plans around our sustainable supply chain objectives.
  • We added a standard list of social, environmental and Indigenous Reconciliation-focused questions to BCLC's request for proposal template. 
  • We engaged our service providers to manage energy consumption across casinos, which contribute significantly to our baseline emissions that occur in our value chain.