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Kamloops building

Greenhouse gas emissions

As a Crown corporation, BCLC is a carbon neutral organization as part of BC’s Carbon Neutral Government directive. We work to ensure our operations align with the government’s CleanBC climate plan and its targets and strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Recent accomplishments include:

  • We achieved our 2020 goal of reducing reportable greenhouse gas emissions by 33 per cent against a 2007 baseline in 2015.
  • We reduced our greenhouse gas emissions from their peak of 1,676 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2008 down to approximately 900 tCO2e each year.
  • We use Skype for Business audio and video conferencing between Kamloops and Vancouver whenever we can. By avoiding travel, we estimate that we’ve avoided emitting 250 tonnes of greenhouse gases.
  • Our Vancouver office building was awarded the LEED® Gold certification for commercial interiors and has many water and energy-saving features, as well as bike rooms and showering facilities. To date, efforts continue to be made to ensure the building maintains the LEED® certification.
  • We compost organics in the Vancouver and Kamloops offices, and our Kamloops office was the first in the city to have an office composting program.

Both Kamloops and Vancouver offices have secure bike storage and showering facilities for staff that choose to ride to work. In the spring of 2019, during our annual Bike to Work Week, staff collectively cycled over 3,200 km and avoided 618 kg of CO2 emissions. We also encourage our employees to be green outside work; our Green Committee runs activities throughout the year to promote events such as Earth Day, Waste Reduction Week and the National Commuter Challenge. Reducing our environmental footprint wherever we do business is a key environmental goal.

Person recycling bottle

Waste management

Through continual efforts, our Vancouver and Kamloops offices divert approximately 77 percent of waste from landfill through recycling and composting. Despite a lack of local composting infrastructure in Kamloops, we established a permanent composting program with the help of a local green business.

We also divert electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste) from landfill though recovering, re-selling and recycling end-of-life casino and lottery equipment. To comply with B.C.’s Provincial Recycling Regulation, BCLC is a steward of the Electronic Products Recycling Association of BC.

In regards to paper products produced, BCLC is a member of RecycleBC’s product stewardship program and reports on the production and disposal of all paper products.

Woman at a lottery terminal

Our leadership

We support our employees, suppliers and service providers to be more environmentally conscious in their decisions and actions.

Although we don't directly control these other groups, we provide leadership in minimizing the environmental impact where we work, how we travel and in our interactions with British Columbians. Here are some of the ways that we’re working with our suppliers and service providers:

  • We launched a Sustainable Procurement Policy that factors in supplier social responsibility principles as well as pricing and other criteria.
  • We implemented a sustainability component in our vendor performance management, which helps us grade our vendors based on their sustainability performance and efforts.
  • Following a successful trial, we introduced a thinner lottery paper, which should reduce the number of rolls we purchase for our lottery retail terminals each year. 
  • We partnered with one of our community gaming centres (CGC) to help them with an energy audit. The audit identified opportunities for the CGC to reduce electricity and natural gas consumption.
  • We’re working on a pilot project with two service providers to track and monitor their building energy consumption through BCLC’s online reporting tool. Tracking this data over time will provide energy managers with better information to invest in energy-saving measures.

We collect data from our Service Providers and vendors around what their CSR efforts are. Gathering this information will help us understand where our partners are focusing their efforts and how we can potentially influence decisions and actions for the benefit of the environment.