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Global Lottery Solutions Provider Takes Lead on Lottery Terminal Replacement


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BCLC is continuing its lottery terminals and systems replacement initiative and has awarded a contract to INTRALOT in support of the project.

BCLC completed a public procurement process for new lottery terminals and software in 2017, and entered into a contract with Novomatic Lottery Solutions (NLS). However, in October 2018, BCLC and NLS mutually agreed to use the contract assignment provision to assign the contract to INTRALOT, which was already working on the project as a provider of terminal hardware

In January 2019, BCLC conducted a subsequent public procurement process for Gaming Engine Services, another component of the project, and INTRALOT was the successful company.

BCLC’s current lottery terminals are more than 14 years old and have well served the needs for the sale of lottery products at retail. BCLC’s replacement of legacy terminals and systems will sustain and modernize its lottery business while supporting future success and sustained revenue for the benefit of all British Columbians.

Enhancements underway include new lottery terminals, stand-alone ticket checkers, printers and display units, as well as the related software systems. Once launched in fiscal year 2021/22, the project will support the evolving needs of retailers and players with a faster purchasing experience, enhanced functionality and a more user-friendly terminal.

A leading global gaming-solutions supplier and operator, INTRALOT has recently launched a next-generation portfolio of products, and is best positioned to support BCLC in delivering on its strategy to improve the lottery experience for players.

The combined value of BCLC’s contracts with INTRALOT for implementation of the new lottery terminals and systems, and Gaming Engine Services, is $24.5 million and is included in BCLC’s capital budget through to fiscal year 2021/22.

In 2017/18, gross revenue before prizes from BCLC’s lottery business was $1.13 billion, which contributed $313 million of the $1.4 billion BCLC earned for the Province of B.C. to support health care, education and community programs across B.C.