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Independent Testing Underway of Self-Service Terminals


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BCLC has completed its technical analysis of the system used to generate Quick Pick numbers for Lotto Max on Self-Service Terminals (SSTs), and has now engaged a third-party testing lab to certify that the system is working as expected.

Out of an abundance of caution, BCLC has asked the testing lab to also certify the system for all games on SSTs that utilize the Quick Pick convenience function.

The independent certification is underway, and while BCLC expects to bring the SSTs online as soon as possible, we are taking the time necessary to ensure that Quick Pick on SSTs is working as expected. We apologize to our customers and retail partners for the continuing inconvenience

BCLC temporarily took all SSTs, located in bars and pubs, offline effective at 6:00 p.m. on April 15, 2019, to review a technical issue after a player contacted BCLC regarding two Lotto Max Quick Pick tickets generated on different days from the same SST. The Quick Pick numbers on the two tickets were identical.

While duplicate tickets can and do occur, BCLC identified an anomaly in the system used to generate Quick Pick numbers for Lotto Max purchases on SSTs. Every ticket, however, regardless of how the numbers were selected, has the exact same chance of being a winning ticket as any other ticket sold.

Quick Pick is a convenience function that provides a selection of numbers for lottery players; it is separate from the systems used to conduct the draw outcomes for regional and national games.

BCLC has assessed Quick Pick technology on all other points of sale used to generate tickets for players, and determined that it is working as expected to generate random numbers.

There are 695 SSTs located in 691 bars and pubs around the province. SSTs are self-serve lottery kiosks that allow players to purchase certain lottery games on their own.

Players who have questions may contact BCLC’s Customer Support Centre.