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Lotto Max Continues Record-Setting Streak with $120 Million in Prizes

June 10, 2021


Lottery players in British Columbia will have the chance to play for an unimaginable amount of total prizes for the second time this week as Lotto Max continues a record-setting streak with an estimated $120 million up for grabs during tomorrow-night’s draw.

With an estimated 50 $1-million Maxmillions prize draws, plus a $70-million jackpot, lottery excitement is also hitting unprecedented heights as Canada’s largest lottery game sets a second national record in less than one week for total prizes. 

The previous Lotto Max record-breaking draw occurred this past Tuesday, June 8, 2021, when an estimated $117 million was up for grabs. Prior to that on October 26, 2018, a total of $116 million was drawn.

Players can purchase Lotto Max tickets at any of the 3,500 lottery retailers in British Columbia, as well as online at PlayNow.com or on the BCLC Lotto! app.

So far in 2021, B.C. lottery players have redeemed more than $58 million in winnings from Lotto Max. Anyone can win and #YouCouldBeNext. Watch some amazing lottery winner stories at www.playnow.com/lottery/winners/you-could-be-next

Lotto Max Quick Facts:

  • Jackpots of $10-$70 million 
  • Two draws a week: Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:30 p.m. PST 
  • $5 for three selections of seven numbers 
  • $1 million Maxmillions prizes are offered when the main jackpot reaches and exceeds $50 million
  • Numbers are selected from 1 to 50
  • Odds of winning the main jackpot: 1 in 33,294,800 per $5 play
  • Overall odds to win a prize: 1 in 7 per $5 play