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A Christmas Miracle in Vancouver? PlayNow.com Taking White Christmas Bets

December 20, 2022


Vancouver is getting yet another big blast of winter today – but will the snow make a miraculous return in time for Christmas? PlayNow.com is offering bettors the ability to wager on if Vancouver will get their first White Christmas in 14 years

A White Christmas in Vancouver is a rarity. In fact, the last time Vancouver received a winter blast on December 25 was in 2008. This year, the Christmas forecast calls for rain, and PlayNow.com’s odds of a White Christmas in Vancouver are 2.50. Along with Victoria (2.50), the two B.C. cities are the biggest longshots among all other betting options, which include Ottawa, Regina and Winnipeg (1.20), Toronto (1.40), and Montreal and Calgary (1.50).

New to PlayNow.com, bettors can also wager on what will be the coldest day in January 2023

Vancouver’s Coldest Day in January:

  • January 1-6: 5.00
  • January 7-11: 5.50
  • January 12-16: 5.00
  • January 17-21: 4.50
  • January 22-26: 3.50
  • January 27-31: 3.50

Typically, the early days of January tend to be frigid. In 2022, the coldest day of the month was January 1 with a low of -10 degrees. In 2021, it was January 23 (minus 4 degrees) and in 2020 it was January 14 (-8). 

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