Since 1985, BCLC has proudly supported British Columbia by sponsoring events in communities across the province.

Our role

The Province of B.C. founded BCLC with the purpose of giving back to British Columbia, while helping communities grow. Since 1985, BCLC has delivered more than $28 billion to the Province of B.C. to support investments in areas such as healthcare, education and community programs.

BCLC’s first landmark initiative to support communities was helping to fund Expo ’86. More than $250 million was put towards the World’s Fair, which led to massive job creation, tourism, and the construction of iconic Vancouver landmarks including the TELUS World of Science and SkyTrain.

From music to sporting events, BCLC has helped bring communities together. We are building on that success by continuing to deliver exceptional gambling entertainment that is not only fair, fun, and safe, but also supports healthy people, growing communities, and a thriving province.

Featured Partnership

Y Women's Shelter Kamloops

BCLC has long been a proud supporter of the YMCA Y Women's Shelter, with employees actively engaged in year-round fundraising efforts. Last Fall, BCLC also generously supported their Staff Outdoor Wellness program, providing vital mental health and wellness support to the shelter employees.

Sponsorship application

BCLC selects sponsorships that help us fulfill our commitment to serving our players and communities while delivering on our entertainment promise. Because when healthy people support entertainment that invests back in British Columbia, everyone wins.

We prioritize sponsorship applications that best align with our corporate objectives and Social Purpose goal of generating win-wins in communities across B.C. Sponsorship applications are evaluated carefully against a number of criteria; some key elements that are taken into consideration include:

Social impact

How will this sponsorship support BCLC’s Social Purpose by helping to create win-wins for all involved? Is there an opportunity to provide community benefit?

Brand awareness

How will this sponsorship promote BCLC and deliver a positive brand experience?

Brand engagement

How will this sponsorship create authentic customer and community experiences by either showcasing our products or educating the public about our business?

Interested in applying for a sponsorship?

If you are an organization interested in applying for a sponsorship or want to find out more, visit the link below.