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Website operations

For frequently asked questions, visit the Help section on If you're looking for in depth information about our games, visit the 'How to Play' pages specific to each game.

If you can't find the answers you're looking for, call our Consumer Services line in B.C. toll free at 1-866-815-0222.

Games on can be purchased during the following time periods seven days a week:

Lottery, Keno, Sports Action: 6 a.m. - 4:08 a.m. (approximate)

Pacific Hold'Em Poker: Buy tickets (4:45 a.m. - 2:06 a.m.), Validate tickets (6:00 a.m. - 2:30 a.m.), Draws occur (11:06 a.m. - 2:06 a.m.)

eBingo: Single Player games are available every day starting at approximately 4:09 a.m. and close at approximately 4:00 a.m. the next day. Stardust opens for sales at approximately 7:00 a.m. and closes at approximately 12:00 a.m. West Coast opens for sale at approximately 7:04 a.m. and closes at approximately 12:00 a.m. 9PM Bingo Hour opens for sale at approximately 8:52 p.m. and closes at approximately 9:52 p.m. nightly.

Casino games: 24 hours a day

Please note that some mornings may not be available due to system upgrades and/or scheduled maintenance. Please try again later or if you require assistance call Consumer Services at 1-866-815-0222.

Safety and security

Players have the option to set their own weekly transfer-in limit up to $100,000. 

Most players play far below these limits. In fact, more than half of players set a weekly deposit limit of $100 or less.

BCLC has safeguards and controls throughout the PlayNow site. These include:

Weekly Transfer-In Limit: Maximum transfer amount by a player into their account each week is set at $9,999

Session log: Time and amount spent available at all times

Purchase history: Tickets purchased and amount spent for the past 52 weeks

Age control: 19+ and data verification using one of Canada's major credit bureaus. is a state-of-the-art online environment. BCLC's Internet Gaming Code of Conduct & Responsible Play is available in full at

In short, a player can trust that we:

Respect privacy: Inform players why we are collecting personal information and how that information will be used. A player's right to privacy is protected under the B.C. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Restrict play to adults: To play, a player must be nineteen years of age or older. That's the law.

Set weekly limit: There is a set maximum weekly limit on the amount a player may fund their wallet account.

Only allow B.C. residents to play: A player must be physically located in British Columbia at the time of game purchase.

Help keep it fun: uses a wide variety of industry-leading responsible play strategies to help minimize problem behaviour

Are fair and honest: The integrity and security of our games offered through the Internet will be as high as that for all of our other operations.

Rules and regulations

We have invested significant safeguards, authentication processes and security measures to ensure the integrity of all our games. An individual must register and create a player account before play is enabled. To do this, the player must provide credit card information that will be sent electronically to one of Canada’s major credit bureaus. This third-party validation verifies both age and residency.

The purchase of lottery products can only occur while the player is physically located in British Columbia. and it is a violation of the Player Agreement to attempt to purchase if outside of the province.

BCLC is authorized to market and distribute games within the province of British Columbia only. At this time, registered players may only purchase games when physically located in BC.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, only the Province or its Agent can conduct and manage gaming on or through a computer.

The Government of B.C. has given BCLC the authority to operate on or through a computer, including through the Internet any lottery scheme which it has been authorized to conduct and manage.

When registering you agreed to be responsible for ensuring that only you can use your account and password. In general, you should not keep funds in your Account if you do not intend to redeem them for purchases within a reasonable amount of time. If you feel your account has been compromised, immediately contact Consumer Services at 1-866-815-0222 for assistance.

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