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Casino Security

Preventing Minors from Entering Gambling Facilities

In B.C., law prohibits anyone under the age of 19 from entering a casino or gaming facility. We take this responsibility very seriously and have a number of measurese to prevent and deter minors from entering gambling facilities: in plac

  • Security staff stationed at each entrance to screen customers entering
  • Mandatory ID checks for anyone who appears under 25
  • ID scanners to aid age verification
  • Increased security staff during peak hours
  • Staff training
  • Onsite awareness program

Staff Training

There are three main areas where BCLC mandates training:


BCLC employs trained investigators to oversee security staff. All security staff members who work in B.C. gambling facilities must receive specific training from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Anti-Money Laundering

All casino gaming floor staff must complete anti-money laundering training before starting work at on the gambling floor and are required to participate in refresher courses every year. The training helps them understand our FINTRAC reporting obligations and spot and report the suspicious activity that BCLC reports to FINTRAC, GPEB and the RCMP.

Responsible Gambling

Appropriate Response Training (ART) prepares BCLC staff and service provider employees to assist players while taking a proactive stance on responsible gambling. ART is mandatory for all front-line workers, management and security personnel, and is refreshed throughout their employment.

The training helps workers:

  • Learn what responsible gambling means and gain insight into the signs and impacts of problem gambling.
  • Gain knowledge of the resources available to players, families and employees regarding responsible play and Voluntary Self-Exclusion information.
  • Gain practical experience in effectively communicating with players; from dispelling myths and gambling responsibly, to player resource information and problem gambling referrals.